Hosting A Scottish Sex Party

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Hosting A Scottish Sex Party

If you decide that you want to host a Scottish sex party then you should know what to expect going in. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself and the location for the party beforehand. A sex party without proper planning almost always leads to a disaster. Ensure that you and your guests have a good time by following these simple steps.

Be Prepared

It is best to have the right party favours on hand. You can never have an over abundance of condoms. Having a variety of brands or types will make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Encourage your guests to bring their own condoms along if they have particular prophylactic preferences. Have different assortments
of lubrication or lotions on hand. Extra clean towels and sheets will make sure everyone has what they need. It is also a good idea to have some alcohol and snacks on hand.

Camera Room

Some sex parties will have a camera room for the more adventurous party goers. Let all of your guests know if a camera room is available and which particular room it is. Set the camera at a good angle and ensure there is sufficient lighting.

Hosting at Home

Should you decide to host a sex party at home keeps your family and neighbours in mind. If you have nosey neighbours, have your guest’s park at a separate location nearby or consider hosting at a rented building. Keep your house cleaned up after the party if you have room mates or family that lives with you to
consider. This typically means doing laundry immediately after the party concludes.